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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  February 3, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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lots going on in the space, good week, actually, believe it or not. i like ea. >> guy >> karen, can trade it from three. i've seen her play basketball. if you're selling ford, looking backwards. if you're buying it, you're looking forwards i choose to look forwards. >> see you tomorrow for more "fast money. "mad money my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it "mad money" starts now >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica i'm trying to make you some money. my jobis not just to entertain but to educate, teach, and explain what is one of the craziest markets i have ever seen call me, or tweet me at jim cramer enough with this market's bizarre mood swings.
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apple is great paypal is bad. google is fantastic. ooh, facebook is horrendous. amazon's terrific. enough enough today's dow plunged 518. s&p plummeting 2.4%. nasdaq nose diving 3.74% but then tomorrow's amazon, and it was just great. so maybe those numbers reverse we have to calm down we have to step away this is not working. this is not what where want you to to be doing i can't get the market to take lithium. it won't take the medicine i can't give it a whole pharmacy of antipsychotics but i can help you understand lose the hate and anger. be les emotional see, the truth is simple some companies are doing well. others are doing poorly. forget the etfs, forget the s&p, forget the nasdaq.
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there are more companies doing worse than we are used to, but many are doing well. what you're seeing is maybe the most emotional market i have come across in 13 years. and it's not helping you to play that way how do you handle these mood swings thought the market but how do you handle it? first, you need to raise a little cash. you're going to get that chance tomorrow, because amazon gave you a great number what is cash that's the wall street equivalent of taking some xanax. just a .5 or .25 nothing addictive. we have a big cnbc investing club meeting tomorrow, our second with our special guest, the heroic lisa su from amd. that stock will likely be up nicely because of amazon, and we'll explain among many other things how cash can defend against the market's bipaolar behavior that's why we raised cash for the travel trust, even though i kind of liked what was happening
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in the market. we sold the very winning stock of union pacific why? because the weekly rail statistics come out, from berkshire hathaway, they have been not so hot. you can't wait for a downgrade to happen, because you'll get it so we took some off a good company so we have cash for great companies getting thrown away more importantly, when this market goes crazy, okay, cash is what you need so that you can handle the ups and downs and snap up some terrific discounts. believe me, after this amazon dazzler tonight, you're going to get a chance to reposition i want you to take it. i want you to take it because of what happened today, when you got hit by a nasty 4% anvil decline in the nasdaq. i don't want that happening to you. that brings me to the cause of the rout, doesn't it the herd of elephants in the room the meta death that is the old
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facebook honestly, let me start by saying last night's quarter was not as horrible as people seem to think, but that doesn't matter, does it? every few years facebook hits not a speed bump but a concrete retaining wall we have kept the small position in facebook for the travel trust for years. mostly to keep an eye on it. after today's 26% decline, i actually like what i see now, listen to me. it doesn't mean i said buy no why? first, because meta facebook was indeed disappointing it didn't have any user growth unnerving because it doesn't take much to have user growth. in that sense, it was worse than netflix, which merely had a slowdown of course, that doesn't explain the full 26% decline the real problem is that meta facebook is taking a huge hit on advertising. by the way, the cfo, he was very straight about this. there's no mystery to that part. now, they also have to spend fortunes to develop the metaverse. no mystery something they see as a huge
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priority, otherwise, zuckerberg wouldn't have renamed the company. renaming the company is not like renaming everest it's a big deal. but the real problem is advertising. now that apple is making privacy changes that favor you, the user, which is kind of the way apple works, hey, let's help our customer, not the app developers, you have to wonder if the value proposition is still there for facebook's advertisers. if they can't track your online behavior as well as they used to, maybe the targeted ads aren't worth as well weird given that pinterest and snap did so well tonight it has a commonality to it it's abf, anybody but facebook put it all together and you can% justify selling the stock, maybe down as much as 15%. but not 26%. which is how much it did fall. why is down 26% too much yet it might not be over? because facebook has actual earnings you're paying 18 times for the actual earnings, well below the average stock in the s&p, and it's better than the average
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stock. didn't you listen to the conference call, bozo? it's no longer a profitable company, you fool? didn't you hear when mark zuckerberg said tiktok is running the table against them maybe i'm an idytd, but i bought facebook in the teens and low 20s for my travel trust and the company was written off. i'm the idiot who pounded the table when it looked like they were losing to snap, and in 2018, i told you to hold your nose and buyit in the cambridg analytica scandal. now it's at $237 and you made a fortune if you listened to these recommendations, especially the first one. i make plenty of mistakes. i heard endlessly about paypal i'll wear the -- i'll wear the post-it if it makes you feel better, but sometimes there are stocks that can work i'm not telling you to buy meta facebook tomorrow. not yet. because when you have an emotional market that's begging for lithium, the selling will
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not be like normal selling it gets angry, chaotic, extra irrational it won't be over in a day despite amazon doing well because as we saw from the egregious action in paypal, yes, these stocks have become show-me stories which meansshow me the door right now, you have many shocked people who believe that facebook's management has completely lost it, and zuckerberg, he's been defeated by tiktok and the government and apple, i don't know, joe rogan, covid strain to be named later these institutional sellers have one desire today they never want to hear again about this company they don't want to hear again about advertising, about online, but monthly average users, ad support, sell. they're going to be proven young. today, there simply weren't enough buyers to accommodate all of the people who wanted to get out of meta. imagine yourself in a trading room, any billion dollar firm. i have been to a lot of them it's around 3:00, the portfolio manager who owns 2 million shares when they came in this
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morning and thought they were going to get an upside surprise has been able to sell half of his position throughout the course of the day. the stock's at $237. going down, down, down after about a half a minute of invective, he says how much more do we have of this garbage and how much have we sold? by the way, that's the pg family friendly version they said the stock is so heavy, we have only offloaded a half a million. the portfolio manager is furious, say kill it, i don't care how low you sell the stock. it's at $237, sell it down at $t $230 the trader who would normally try to get the best price understands that's no longer the goal they just have to get the stock off the sheet so it's never seen again. so you have a cascade effect as this same conversation occurred all over wall street these sellers, not you or me, will create the bottom in met afacebook with their fear and their loathing, apologies to hunter s. thompson
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why would i think about buying first, meta facebook has a war chest like almost no other it put back $19.8 billion of stock in the fourth quarter, certainly paying too much, but they have retired almost $45 billion since last year and got another $38.79 billion authorized that's not the sign of an ailing company faced with an existential crisis as far as i'm concerned. second, the problem can be figured out if there's a demand for facebook and there is voracious demand. finally, when the selling storm stops, and we'll know because the manic dumping ends, well, people trying to sell below where it's being bid for, and you're going to get it you're going to get a bottom the buy side will in one day, maybe soon, be bigger than the sell side. that's when i'll tell you to buy some this sell-off is about one thing, stopping tiktok from taking business while they build out the metaverse. zuckerberg this very minute is coming up with ways to blunt and take away tiktok's business with
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reels. the bounce will come with the selling dries up bottom line, i say meta facebook will be a buy because eventually the sellers do get exhausted the patient will be comatose and this will be no different from the last three times i said buy and everyone laughed let them ruin the stock one more time that will be your chance judah in new york, judah >> caller: hey, jim. boo-yah, shout out to my dad and his mobile fridge. i'm calling about a stock you introduce mead, makes real things, makes real money, trades under 27 times next year's earns. what do you think about generac. >> that was all caught up in this california legislation for the giving people money when they want to be able to do solar. and i think that generac is very good down here this thing has been cut. the stock was at $524. it's now at $235 did some of the electric grid get better it's bad generac is the answer, if you
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have the money i need to go to doug in california doug >> caller: boo-yah, jimmy chill. >> chill ain't be chill lately, but i'll get back to it. what's going on? >> caller: we took up a position many years ago in a stock you recommended. we have a cost basis under $50 i think this is a pigs get slaughtered situation. i need to know if i should sell or hold lam research >> lam research, rick hill, bought by the unbelievable lam research, and tim archer is doing fantastic. i don't want you to sell i want you to take out the cost basis tomorrow lam research stock is down hideously. it's the king of its field everyone is giving up on the semis, until when? until they love the semis. this is one of the most emotional markets i have ever seen you need to be dispassionate you need to be calmer. you have to stop because when it's like this, you have to steel yourself, tie yourself to the mast
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look for abhorrent behavior like people trying to sell meta facebook much lower than people are willing to buy it. that's how bottoms get formed. "mad money," elf beauty fell after earnings the cosmetics company doing what it needs to get in your portfolio. speaking of visionaries, qualcomm reported last quarter last night nobody cared that will change tomorrow. i have the ceo, and i have been telling you to find real growth stocks with real earnings. does aligntic knowledge fit that mold let's talk to the company's top brass. and stay with cramer
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when the selling turns indiscriminate like we saw again today y like to circle back to the companies we know for a fact are doing well, because they just reported great numbers. companies like efl, yes, elf beauty it's such an exciting company. it's a digital focus, valueoss t my wife uses elf stock peekeduct a month ago. that includes a more than 3% decline today. but that decline made so sense whatsoever they reported a fabulous quarter. a 9 cent beat off a 15 cent basis. higher than expected sales, raised their full year forecast. the stock rallied 4%, but
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eventually, it succumbed to what we know is the market wide pressure that is so horrendous and it only finished in the red because of that. we know the market is back to treating the growth stocks as broken neck play things. that doesn't mean everything needs to be tossed out let's dig deeper with the chairman and ceo of elf beauty to learn more about the quarter and where his company is headed. welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you for having me again. >> okay, so you have accomplished something i don't think most people realize. when you start a product and do a company, what people tell you is you should start with the most expensive if you have to, you can cut prices you literally have done something i can't recall, maybe you can help me, where you started with a lower priced product and you have been able to raise price how was that possible? does that have to do with quality, with demand, with sales, with advertising? because it's an extraordinary feat >> well, thank you our mission is to bring the best of beauty and make it accessible to every eye, lip, and face. that's what their entire company is focused on.
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we love bringing products you previously could only find in prestige at extraordinary values and engaging our community in them it's really resulted in our success. i'm proud of our team. this is our 12th consecutive quarter of net sales growth and taking up our full year guidance yet again is a testament to what we're doing. >> how did this happen when the brand came out, i viewed it as a discount brand. and then i now know, i mean, for instance, look, i use the example of my wife very interested in cosmetics, and i saw it in our bathroom i said, elf. she said, that is a very good brand that's a little less expensive than the other brands. so you have managed to be able to make it so people don't think your brand is a discount at all. that's another amazing feat that you have >> you know, it is i think it all comes down to our innovation and what we're able to do. things like our power grip primer which we just introduced. >> yes >> retails for $10, but it compares to prestige items at
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$34. and our consumers are supper savvy and understand the difference between giving them that level of quality at that value has been a big driver of our success. >> at the same time, you are noted as being one of the 15 brands that are doing the best, most engaging, entertaining work on the platform of the day tiktok you get great results, return on investment with tiktok, don't you? >> you know, we do it's a powerful platform for us. mainly because that's where our core consumers, gen z, live. the way we approach the platform when we first started working with them a few years ago is we created our own original music track, did a hashtag challenge, saw billions of views from that. in the last few weeks we partner would the creator of american idol to find a new pop group on tiktok, the future x we just did another hashtag challenge, just one week ago, to find makeup artists to work with that group in one week, we're up over 8 billion views. it shows the level of engagement
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our consumers have and really combining two things they love, music and makeup. >> you're very valuable on a day like today because a lot of people don't understand, say, what happened to instagram i'm sure if instagram, if reels were to offer you something that would get that demo, would you switch to it or add to it or is it really just tiktok that you need >> no, our platform is really broad. we are on instagram. we're big on facebook. on all of the core platforms, including on twitch, with our initiative on gaming, our consumers love gaming. so we're also on that. so we have a very broad lens, and the lens is really guided by our consumers, where are they spending time, and our ability to engage them in unique ways. >> a few years ago, ulta commented there seemed to be nothing new and different. maybe you had a chance to be on the estee lauder call today. but something has changed again. it looks like that there are new and different.
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what happened? are we in a cycle of new and different that people are all fired up people have been at home for a long time. is there something that's changed versus four years ago where peer were concerned there was nothing new under the sun in makeup >> well, i think a couple things have changed one is as we come out of the pandemic, i'm quite bullish on our category i think consumers are ready to express themselves then i think companies like us, estee lauder, are really creating new innovation that is resonating with consumers. for us, that innovation is always centered on the best of beauty made accessible we're seeing great results from our spring innovation. this is a category where consumers love new products. love different ways of engaging with them, so again, i'm quite bullish on the category. >> i know your brands and i know they're competitive in quality with a lot of the big ones but you still have excellent gross margins. even though you come in well below that how are you capable of having great gross margins going up against these giants
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>> well, i think first of all, we're no different than any other company. we're carrying quite a bit of cost this is the most intense cost environment i have been in in quite a some time. i think in our pnl, we're carrying 1,000 basis points of cost between transportation costs, but our team is really committed to giving you a great value every day. we continue do these innovations which have tremendous value relative to prestige counterparts and also continue to mix our brand up. we have seen great results as we focus on our core products that have high demand and our innovation that continues to drive the needle from a margin standpoint >> want to congratulation you. the stock has doubled, and that's because of the tremendous work you're doing. your team is doing i know it's not just you because you have an amazing team the chairman and ceo of elf beauty, once again, great work, sir. thank you for coming on the show >> this is one of the, you gotta look side by side compares of some of these. you'll see that the price is so
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different, but i don't know whether you can tell the quality. i know i can't "mad money" is back. >> coming up, the tape may not always be so chipper, but does guidance for the semi-conductor stock portend a silicon valley smile to come? qualcomm is next hey lily, i need a new wireless plan for my business, but all my employees need something different.
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just ask your cvs pharmacist. we search for savings for you. from coupons to lower costs options. plus, earn up to $50 extra bucks rewards each year just for filling at cvs pharmacy. is so full of misjudgments at this point it's a crazy earnings season today we got a ton because of facebook's catastrophic quarter. drove down anything related to tech the most egregious example could have been qualcomm the semi-conductor and wireless technology powerhouse reported one of the best semi-conductor numbers i have seen in ages but
6:27 pm
still saw their stock tumble 5%. 22% earnings beat. higher than expected revenue, up 30%. this is a big company. 30%. the only thing better than the results of the last quarter was the guidance yes, forecasting 10.2 to 11 billion dollars in sales also looking for 9.6 billion they're projecting $2.80 wall street was looking for $2.51. given the numbers it was ridiculous the stock pulled back today. but qualcomm had run up dramatically still, this morning the stock shot up to $192, getting dragged down to $179 i think it's a steal at these levels such a steal that i bet you don't get it there because of amazon tonight let's take a closer look cristiano amon is the president and ceo of qualcomm, to find out more about the quarter and his outlook going forward. welcome to "mad money. >> very happy to be here how are you doing, jim good talking to you. thank you. i'm doing fine i have to tell you, this quarter, when it came out, told
6:28 pm
me, are you the number one semi-conductor company in cell phones in every single major continent? >> i think so. and you know, hansen has been a good story for us. all about android, and look, there's nothing about this quarter that was not great you know, there's nothing not to like about the quarter it's been a good story overall, not only on mobile and handsets but also other business as well. we're very happy >> i know there will be people who say i know you're excited about automotive, trying to get club members try to figure out where i can make room to get this stock in. but i said that automotive, gm and bmw may be two of the greatest clients in the world. you got them both. how did you do that? >> cornerstone customers we got gm, working with them with super cruise, ultra cruise, and bmw they really like our digital chassis. a very unique position in automotive as i said in the call, we have
6:29 pm
more irons in the fire our automotives business is really doing very well and the opportunity for the company is tremendous. >> tell me how -- what is your thinking because you're more of a person of the world than most of the people i know. do you think we're going to get into autonomous cars in three years? just be hailing autonomous taxi snz. >> here's how i think about it that's why we're succeeding in automotive right now with our platform strategy. we think that assisted driving, jim, we should build that for every car. that's what we're going to act like at scale and see the financial results. the ability for you to have highway auto pilot and the ability for you to have a level, you know, three a-das, we should do this for every car. it should be like abs, you know, airbags. why not? i think we're building that solution for scale in a-das.
6:30 pm
full autonomy, level four, level five, we're going to get there but that's going to take more time% >> let's talk internet of things a lot of people think of you as handset dominant $1.5 billion, i don't know what we would have thought about that, north of 30% year over year how are you doing that >> we're doing great one thing i want to highlight from this quarter. handset was a very good story. 42% year over year growth in handsets over 60% on android. but 41% on iot iot is growing at a very high rate, and our iot is very diversified. the way our iot business is developing, if you buy the growth of the cloud, the current projection for the hyperscalers now, you need somebody at the edge connecting all of the devices to the cloud and send to data to the loud that's what we're doing. our iot is diversified across consumer, networking, and industrial the industrial is a big opportunity.
6:31 pm
within the quarter, we saw robotics, retail, trackers, utility smart meters having significant growth robotics alone, 50% year over year >> how do you sell the direct sales force to companies who make robots? i have always been trying to figure out if that's a bundle with somebody else i know that the companies i follow like marvell they're in there selling it themselves, but qualcomm seems to be partnered with some of the great partners. >> what is unique about qualcomm, and i think our -- i don't want to be pretentious, but we have incredible stature about creating ecosystems. you see our work in standard bodies, how we create 3g, 4g, 5g, and i think that gave us an incredible opportunity to work with one of the largest corporations in the world. we partnered with companies like walmart for retail, we partner with companies like in europe and pacific gas and electric forergy, and same thing with
6:32 pm
amazon, you look at what we're doing with consumer robotics so we have the ability to go directly, and we build an ecosystem of partners to build mod modules, hardware and our software >> so there's a dirty word today that wasn't until today. metaverse. and when i have spoken to you about it, it's very for real people today have been making it a laughingstock. you know better. describe to our viewers how important this is. >> they shouldn't be laughing. it's a huge opportunity. here's how you should think about it i have a very simple way, jim, to describe the metaverse opportunity. with the cloud economy we have right now with everything connected to the cloud, we have digital coins of everything. when the car shows up at the dealership and somebody is going to look under the hood, they can put a virtual reality augmented reality device, and it can tell you from the cloud where to fix it, where's the problem, where it's about to have a problem
6:33 pm
same thing on an enterprise. how you use this for training. so the way to think about the metaverse is going to develop as a number of different opportunities. you always are going to have the big social network consumer play you're going to have a big one for gaming, but industrial is big. that's why our partnership with microsoft is so important. >> i'm so glad, because i been telling my partner david faber in the morning, it's enterprise. that's where the money is going to be. you're confirming. that's happening now, right? >> absolutely. we have been working with augmented reality, virtual reality and the metaverse before it was popular we have over 40 designs of the devices. every vr and ar device designed today is with a qualcomm chip. we have been doing a lot of the hard technology development to get to the high cloud connectivity, and you're going to see a lot of industrial application from factory to warehouses to retail and more. >> i tell you, if you hadn't
6:34 pm
reported last night, i would tell you, because i know you, i think your stock would be at $200 that's where i think it's headed you have the most momentum of anybody in the group, other than i would argue amd. you might differ, but you have the moementum like i haven't sen this company in a lock time. >> so jim, we just had in the quarter the highest, highest revenue of any fabless company and the good thing about qualcomm, we have momentum in a number of different areas from the whole iot, bc, and alto and handsets if anything, great buying opportunity based on the quarter we had >> that's why i'm so glad you came on "mad money." i want everyone to know about this opportunity you're just on fire, sir cristiano amon, the president and ceo of qualcomm. and i don't even mind the ads. you're good on the ads >> good. thank you. i'm glad you like it >> "mad money" is back after the break.
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really bad day when many of the formerly high flying growth stocks had another hideous meltdown i think it's worth looking at those that managed to hold up, like align technology. the clear aligners let you straighten your teeth without looking like something out of a horror movie like i did when i was 12 i told you it's time to start buying growth stocks not just any but the ones who have real earnings that have been brought low by the broader sell-off and the omicron
6:39 pm
variant. even as the companies that may be doing well, and that fits align to a tee here's a stock that has tumbled from $737, and peaked at $503 and change last night, align reported an im imperfect upside surprise. slightly higher than expected sales, but their shipments came in light the forecast was vague, and the stock initially tumbled 3%, but then people started processing the positives. january got progressively better for them, and they're guiding for 20% to 30% revenue growth. the future looks better than the past 31 times next year's earning estimates is cheap for a growth stock. with that, even on a horrible day for the nasdaq, the stock rebounded. is it the beginning of a larger move let's check in with joe hogan, the president and ceo of align technology welcome back to "mad money." >> hi, jim thanks for having me back. >> joe, one of the things i'm
6:40 pm
focused on, supply chain and supply problems. i'm focused on demand and is it there. now that we see a light at the end of the omicron tunnel hourx is domestic and worldwide demand for your product >> well, as omicron recedes all over the world, we see it being positive from the standpoint of our order rate so we can correlate that directly bring you attention to something, over two years, we have a 62% stack rate growth for two years. so let's say 30% a year. and so we know there's a lot going on in the marketplace right now, but those two years, we're at the top of our market that demand is out there nothing has fundamentally changed. the only thing in our way has been omicron when they recedes, you'll see demand come back >> different measures of ways to come up with how we feel demand is some people are saying to me there's been some erosion in the average selling price of your product, so that mikes me think, wait a second, are there other competitors? is demand a little less ini want
6:41 pm
to do a little more drill down to make sure i'm confident demand is there. >> yeah, i know that narrative is out there, but our average selling price is up for the quarter overall, and our average selling price is up for the year overall. there's competition out there, but we haven't had to respond to it from a pricing standpoint our competition is braces in the end. we're still only 10% penetrate under to braces. how do we grow that incredible market >> when i first met you, you were an american company at what point will you be an international company with an american division? >> right now, we're 50/50. 50% is america, let's say north america, and also canada, and the rest is overseas we have had tremendous growth in europe, great growth in asia, as you know our scanner business, too, our scanner business this year hit $700 million it's grown tremendously over the years. so that business is based in
6:42 pm
israel tremendous international business too jim, also, opening up production in poland this year. we had production in china and production in mexico we cover all three poles i would say we're a very balanced international business. >> that's why the 20% growth, you didn't sweat the program doing that i know a lot of companies are rethinking whether they should have gone to say 20 which is the magic number for a lot of those growth stocks. you seem to be very comfortable with that outlook. >> yeah, we're comfortable in the sense of what we see right now. you know, you can tell that we fell short on -- but our scanner sales were way up in that sense. that's a great leading indicator that the demand is out there, that they're moving to digital once we have those scanners in those offices, we do a great job into converting those into invisalign cases >> so i always like to tell people that if you think this is for teenagers, you have it dead wrong. baby boomers, people who are in
6:43 pm
the workforce, going for their first job, really conscious of their teeth. what's the breakdown now versus what it was? >> well, there's many more adult cases now, as you're referring to i like to think we ushered in the adult cases because adults didn't want to do wires and brackets it was kind of ridiculous to think most of them would in that sense. so digital has really grown that, that piece so when you look at overall right now, we do about 70% adults and 30% i would call teens. the market in orthodontics itself, just that orthodontic segment is still 80% teens and 20% adults a lot of adults are picked up through us, through clear aligners and through the general dentistry practices. >> i know that dentists, i deal with, a lot of them, have switched to doing align. literally just saying look, the world is changed you're growing up. we don't have enough traditio
6:44 pm
al dentistry business, but we do have align what percentage of the practices didn't have align are now using align? >> it's a huge change from the dentistry standpoint i would say we're still underpenetrated. there's about 150,000 general dentists in the united states. i would say we have touched about 30% of them, 25% of them and now there are superusers, too. we have general dentists doing 600 cases out of just two practices a year these are really big players with us. and so it is a great channel for us and the orthodontics continues to be a terrific channel, too. that huge unmet need of a half a billion patients we talk about fwloebally and the orthodontic segment, too, just such great opportunities. >> one last omicron demand question i want to ask you when you wear a mask, no one sees your teeth. some of us feel like we have to go back and get invisalign don't have the mask luxury anymore we're out there. are you seeing people who don't
6:45 pm
have to wear masks thinking oh, boy, i took a pass on my teeth look what they look like i have to get to the denltest. >> no, i think you call it the ultimate hedge before. we can win both ways the mask is off, you're on a zoom call, you see your teeth. you have your mask on, you might feel good, but you know it's going to come off. aesthetics is part of our generation there wasn't an ability to address crooked teeth before and a smile that isn't perfect, and today there's no excuse for it the technology is there. it's within economical reach for most people, and our focus is to deliver to as many people as we can. >> you make a lot more people confident. people don't realize how underconfident people are. i want to thank you for what you did. joe hogan, president and ceo of align technology thank you so much. >> thank you "mad money" is back after the break.
6:46 pm
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wow, i am so excited about tomorrow we have our second cnbc investing club monthly meeting our special guest is amd ceo lisa su. i'm going to go over the stocks from the travel trust and give my special take on this market more and most important riding
6:50 pm
out the volatility, how to do it for subscribers only if you haven't joined the club, now is a great time do it. go to and now it is time for the lightning round. and then the lightning round is over are you ready? steve in connecticut steve. >> caller: hi, jim thank you for taking my call my stock is rattler midstream. >> i think that's -- look, nat group is red hot this thing yields 8% it's money good. i think it's great buy. lorraine in virginia >> caller: boo-yah >> boo-yah >> caller: thank you, mr. cramer, for helping small investors like me. i love your show >> thank you >> caller: i bought for my 14-year-old grandson as a christmas gift some stock, trying to get him interested in investing. >> that's good
6:51 pm
that's what you want to do >> caller: i bought it at $14, and now it's down to $5 and some change and the name of the stock is next door, the ticker tape is kind >> first, a great advertising vehicle. but it was a spac. it was a spac, and therefore, it's no good that's honestly that if it's a spac, it's no good i think it's good. i would buy more michael in massachusetts michael. >> caller: boo-yah, this is mike second time caller, long time listener >> okay. >> caller: i want to ask you about a stock that had been beaten down under its ipo price. it hit its all-time low today. rocket mortgage ticker rkt >> people told me don't like the ownership structure, don't like the way it's enriching some people, including some of the family i really like i have stayed away from it i don't want to own a mortgage company in a time the fed is raising rates. that's the conclusion of the
6:52 pm
lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade >> coming up, we may not know what stocks will pop after the pandemic but we do know what a business needs in any market. cramer's got a key way to spot the coming of a bull next ♪♪ ♪♪
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6:55 pm
what the heck does the end of a pandemic even look like some say covid will shift into endemic mode, but i don't know what that means other than it's going to stick around as a permanent lower level presence others say we're now in the acceptance stage and we can accept as long as we're vaccinated the virus probably can't send us to the hospital. however, it's hard to know where we really are at this point. if you look at the death toll and case count omicron is still raging regionally, there are many areas where it's clearly peaked. at the same time, we have all kinds of conflicting federal
6:56 pm
advisories it's hard to get a feel on things the other day i decided i wanted to take a trip to mexico i can't get more immunized, but i heard americans are advised not to go there. the other day, i had to show my now tattered vaccination card at a restaurant should i stay or should i go that indecision and uncertainty is causing something strange to happen all the people who make forecast involving economics and the stock market seem befuddled at best and sometimes downright idiotic at worst let me tell you what i learned from trolling through endless pieces of data about what's going on right now first, our thinking is muddled by issues of things called supply chains and supply availability we need to free ourselves from these mental handcuffs they absecure more than they illuminate i know you're probably sick of hearing supply chain, too. so i have an idea. let's look at one of the greatest companies in the world, estee lauder we talked about it earlier it just reported its best
6:57 pm
quarter ever, 11% organic growth double digits. even in china which is plagued by lockdowns as we heard from starbucks the other day, they had high single digit growth i find that incredible yet estee lauder stock tumbled 5% today a lot is because analysts are now worried china is slowing that's absurd. what matters is chinese demand the latter is false, supply is not the issue. when chinese consumers were faced with the opportunity to buy estee lauder when the stores were open, that's what they did. when china ends its lockdowns i think we'll see demand for the products soar. that's why it's a buy. how about travel we know that travel is extraordinary. people are hitting the road. it means that airlines will need more aircraft. there are only two companies on earth that make commercial aircraft at scale. airbus is pretty much sold out it means it will go to boeing, and also business for honeywell, but both stocks are down
6:58 pm
the latter perceived as a big loser because they had to guide down what were they supposed to do, raise it because google searches were big i feel confident telling you to buy honeywell, as i did in the morning meeting broadcast for the investing club it's been a tough week, i know that, but if honeywell goes down again, i would buy more. this is a real company making real things. real dividend, real profits. some of the confusion comes because of something unprecedented, the omicron storm. in retail, the first week of december, and even the second week were possibly the strongest brick and mortar numbers in years. but then omicron exploded so the third and fourth weeks were disasters for brick and mortar as customers went recognize back into hibernation and from the looks of things, buying from amazon let's go back to demand. if there's demand for product, it switched back from brick and mortar to online on a dime they don't care if you go out or stay home, they get you either
6:59 pm
way, but they really get you, they really get you if you stay home and go out. paypal, no paypal must have had just a fall off of astounding proportions in the early weeks of december when people went out in full force rather than buying things online paypal's domain. otherwise, the ceo dan schulman wouldn't have told me on "mad money" that there was a weakness when we spoke with him on november 30th. he wouldn'tverb he's normally a straight shooter i suspect and sincerely hope he was blindsided after the pain his stock has caused unfortunately, in this new environment, blindsided is now unforgivable what matters is demand for paypal is weaker than we thought. of course, that's why the stock has already lost nearly two-thirds of its value. it's trying to find a bottle we may not know what to do as we approach an end to the pandemic because we never had a pandemic, assuming that is where we are headed if we pick stocks we don't need a complete picture of how this plays out.
7:00 pm
it's enough to know we have product and there's demand for the product and they can sell it at a profit. so far, the best demand is for makeup and skin cleanser from the great estee lauder company and is an outright buy i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to try to find it for you on "mad money. i'm jim cramer see you in the dark of night america sends a message to terrorists around the world i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc this horrible terrorist leader is no more. >> u.s. special forces targeting the leader of isis in a daring raid a chopper destroyed. a bomb detonated but were any civilians caught in the piddle. faking an attack to justify an invasion. the new intelligence on how president putin may be plotting his next move. havoc on the roads a dangerous ic


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